Vintage BASIC and its source code are provided here free of charge via the BSD license. If you have any problems with or praise for Vintage BASIC, please let me know at I could also use some help building binary packages for Linux and Mac.

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User's Guide

Binary Versions

Microsoft Windows (32-bit)

Download and run the setup program. It will install Vintage BASIC, give you a shortcut to open a command prompt, set up your PATH, and associate .bas files with Vintage BASIC. To work with Vintage BASIC, edit files with any text editor, such as Notepad. A good place to save them is in C:\Users\YourName. Then to run them, open up a Command Prompt, either by opening on the Vintage BASIC Prompt shortcut, or the Command Prompt shortcut. Then run your program either by typing vintbas yourprogram.bas, or just typing yourprogram.bas.

Mac OS X (Intel)

Unzip it and add the vintbas executable to your PATH. Detailed instructions here.

Generic Linux (Intel, 32-bit)

Untar it and put it somewhere useful. E.g., move the bin and share directories to /usr/local, or put them in your home directory. Depending on your distribution, you may or may not have the required shared libraries. I compiled it on Ubuntu 8.10.

Source Version

You'll need GHC to compile the source. Note: There is a bug in GHC Version 6.10.1 on Windows that will cause your interpreter to freeze up when Ctrl-C is pressed at an INPUT prompt. You'll need to download a nightly build to get the fix for this. The binary build above has the fix.